Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kreck's Vegetarian Food Fair Diary

Dear diary,

Today Jen, Greg and I went to the Vegetarian Food Fair down at Harbourfront.  I ate some awesome food and scored some sweet deals...

First I'll tell you about the deals:

The New Moon Kitchen, a bakery specializing in all-natural, vegan baked goods made with spelt flour was in full force today with samples of their super wicked awesome cookies and treats.  Their booth was offering 3 items (cookies or granola) for $10 (!).  Usually one bag of cookies alone is $5 or $6 in the store, so I jumped on this one.  It was a hard choice, but I settled on the gluten-free, vegan macaroons, the vegan mint chocolate cookies (made with spelt flour), and a huge container of granola.

Then I ran into Ella from Ella's Botanicals, with her all-natural, handmade soaps and lotions.  You've probably seen them at Whole Foods and other health food stores around the city.  I've been lovin' these soaps for the last year, since meeting Ella on the craft show circuit.  My mum and dad are also fans!  I took full advantage of her 5 bars of soap for $20 deal (I had a request from my dad to hook him up with a couple of bars, so this saved me a trip to Noah's!).  The soaps I bought were the Almond Scrub, Lemon Eucalyptus, and Lavender Rose, but I'd also recommend the Chai Latte and Anoint Me soaps.  
Now, on to the eats!

I'll briefly mention an awesome (non-gluten-free) Jamaican Patty I had with collard greens and hemp seeds from a booth whose name escapes me.... it was super tasty.

Oh diary, I think I'm in love... with a plate of salads.  Okay, I'm exaggerating, but yeeesh, this was good.  Hearty Catering was offering samples of their different organic, vegan dishes for $2 a pop, or full plates of their salads for $10.  It was well worth it.  I had the cold plate which consisted of beet salad, pecan and apple salad, a green salad, quinoa salad and a roasted tomato slice slathered with tapanade (!) -- there was also a hot plate option with rice and stew.  Holy lord, this was good and super filling.  

Finally, what better way to finish off a visit to the food fair than with a sample of vegan ice cream?  This scoop of green tea ice cream was only $1!  Mmm mmm.

Well diary, thanks for listening.  

Until next time....


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