Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where We Eatin' Again: Fresh

894 Queen Street West, Toronto
326 Bloor Street West, Toronto
147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto

Kreck here.  In my last post I mentioned that Fresh was the go-to restaurant for vegans and vegetarians in Toronto.  I should have also mentioned that as a result of that, sometimes you end up visiting Fresh more than once a week.  This morning Jen and I and our roommate Liz went for brunch at Fresh on Bloor.  Along with their regular menu, Fresh also offers a weekend brunch menu (pancakes, granola and yogurt bowls, and tofu scramble) from 10:30 am - 3:00 pm.
We all opted for the tofu scramble special ($9) sans wrap.  Liz and I had pita on the side.  I ordered a side of regular fries, Liz ordered a side of sweet potato fries and miso gravy, and Jen got a side salad with Fresh's green dressing (ginger, garlic, cilantro, rice vinegar and sunflower oil).
Tofu scramble with rosemary-seasoned fries, steamed spinach, greens and roasted red peppers.
Tofu scramble with steamed spinach, roasted red peppers, greens and salad.
Miso gravy and vegan mayo

How did it measure up, you ask?
  • We all enjoyed our meals and thought the vegan mayo was really good (in the words of Liz, "this vegan mayo ain't too bad").  
  • I'm glad that I ordered the special without the wrap -- this way you can taste the different ingredients of the wrap better, and it seems like they give you more food.
  • I thought the tofu scramble special was awesome, especially if you like a giant breakfast (which I do).  On the other hand, Liz thought the breakfast was a tad generous and would have preferred a smaller serving. 
  • Jen loved the green salad dressing and said that she always orders it when she is at Fresh.  
  • Liz and Jen both thought that the tofu scramble was a little on the bland side and could have used more seasoning and less onion.  According to Jen, Sadie's Diner still has the best tofu scramble in the city (after her own, of course).
I had never been to Fresh for breakfast, but I enjoyed my meal and would recommend it.  That said, I think the regular menu at Fresh is for the most part better and more interesting than the brunch offerings, so you may want to go for the Ninja bowl instead.

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